Our Story

Our dream began when German Car Service in Lacey, WA approached Carlos Camargo asking for a weekly video for their social media marketing needs. Carlos jumped at the opportunity. Within a few months he collaborated with long-time filmmaking partner Brandon Cartwright to launch a media creation company unlike any other. We now cater to a growing list of clients, consistently demonstrating an ability to deliver the best and most affordable solution in social media content for businesses and organizations of any size and budget. 

Together with our mentor and business partner Jorge Ruiz, we put our minds together to form Media Marketing Solutions LLC. 

Unparalleled Style

With the perfect balance of marketing, value, and entertainment, our media stands out from the rest because of our ability to make simple videos fun to watch, informative in nature, and high in quality. 


Carlos Camargo,  Producer & Post Production Manager

Meet Carlos. His job is to make our company grow internally and externally by making Clients happy, overseeing our excellent post-production team, and executing the company's vision to make good content easy and affordable for businesses and organizations of any size. He is a skilled filmmaker, editor, promoter, and passionate dad to his one and only Emily Colette. IG: @camargopwr


Brandon Cartwright, Production Manager


Meet Brandon. He's from all over but has lived in Lacey the majority of my life. He loves the collaborative nature of Filmmaking and being an assistant director/line producer is his happy place. "Getting to see and make something much bigger than yourself is very rewarding. I joined because Carlos asked me and I saw the need for good video marketing in this area. I am the production manager at Media Marketing Solutions."
His dream is to create a financially viable space that is open to creators to make film and all sorts of content in.

. IG: @4eyes93


Matt Shields, Lead of Sales & Marketing

Meet Matt Shields. He is an old fashioned business man. He's smart, polite, and great with customers. His job is to help our company grow by bringing our products to the hands of every business and organization that needs us. When he's not snowboarding or watching football with the fellas, he can be spotted darting all over town making sure our customers are happy, and all new customers are treated right.


Desiree Williams, Accounts Manager

Meet Desiree. She's from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Here's what she has to say about her passion for art: "Art is a way of time travel for me. When I experience a Pollock or Rothko, I envision their process; the feeling behind every stroke and color decision. When I watch a film, I’m transformed into that time and space; connecting with characters that give me inspiration to lead an adventurous life! When I listen to instrumental music, I create my own story; dancing and humming to the tune."

She joined MMS because she wanted to surround herself with people who have a passion for their craft. She loves collaborating with different artist to create the best piece possible. 

Logan Shaw, Lead Editor

Meet Logan. He was born in Billings, MT and raised in Anaconda, MT. He became a Washingtonian at 12 years old.  What he loves the most about art is it's ability evoke emotion in people from any corner of the world and how it can inspire people to be themselves.  He intended to be in the film/video industry once I had finished school, so when Brandon had approached him about being an intern, he jumped at the opportunity.  He quickly rose to then rank of Lead Editor through hard work and focus. His dream is to master my artistic abilities and find his path, so he can create art that brings people together and inspires them to be themselves, do for other people what his favorite artists have done for him. 


Peter Miller, Editor/Filmmaker


Meet Peter. He's from Olympia Washington. He prefers philosophy to art, but realized early on that artist's can have a larger voice then philosopher's so he pursued an artistic career in film.
He was offered a job at MMS because of his excellent body of work and collaboration on previous MMS projects. He took the role of Editor/Filmmaker at MMS because it was a great opportunity. His goal is to write the film trilogy Light and Dark.


Josiah Teabo, Editor



Meet Josiah. He was born in WA, but spent a fat minute in the South. 
He loves the community that can be built through art. 
He saw an opportunity to join MMS at the right time and took it, proving himself a worthy editor.
His dream is to get filthy rich and snag a couple houses in the RyuKyu islands, the Ghanaian coast, Florida and get a Japanese mail-order bride who will pay me 20k a month to get a American Citizenship.    ..his words, not ours.